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I don’t know about you, but sometimes technology just amazes me.  Of course, when it doesn’t work, I want to pull out all my hair. Oh wait, there’s none left 🙂

I submitted my taxes electronically last Saturday.  I have a goal each year to do this around Valentine’s day.  I have no idea why other than one year I did it by then and every year since, this has been my goal.  Get it done and get it over with.  I have been fairly consistent that it is usually the week after. I love that I just logon to Turbotax and they have all my information from prior years.  I also love the e-file process. What amazes me is that I received my state refund already. Today.  A week later. I don’t even understand how that can work so fast.

So I start thinking. Why can’t the Census do something similar? Sometimes, I wonder why we try so hard? Do you know it is built into the Census budget to “remind” a household up to 8 (or maybe it is 6) times to complete it?  Does this border on badgering?  I know the more I get hounded about things, the less I do them.  Or if I do give in, it is half-hearted at best. Is this the way we want people to fill out this survey?  I wonder how technology could really be better for this event?

I love that technology (along with some uber-creative minds) brought us Facebook and Twitter.  Facebook really does keep connections alive and active.  For some people, I feel more connected than ever due to our interactions.  When I am lax, as I  have been lately, I almost feel like I don’t know what is happening with my friends. Yes, we still text, or email, or even talk on those rare occasions when I use that thing called the phone.  But nothing like real-time conversations daily. I love Twitter because I have conversations with people from all over the world. And don’t let anyone tell you can’t have one, because you can. I also get to talk to people I never would have, like my favorite authors and researchers. I love having a conversation with the world and believe me, I do.  Italy to India to Canada to down the street.

I wish there was some technological innovation that could inject me with more energy right now! I missed a girlie day with Nancy yesterday due to fatigue.  It’s hard to manage work and school and then find time for my friends without really wearing myself out.  Maybe I should try biofeedback. Hmm….


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