Oscar’s day

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There are signs for all of us that mark the changing of the seasons.  You know it’s back to school time when you can smell the pencils in the air and people start talking about the last long weekend of the summer (Labor Day).  Pre-season NFL does the same for me.  Or the sign of winter’s end coming near, The Super Bowl. The sign spring is just around the corner, The Oscars. Another sign of spring, March Madness baby!  There are more but you get the picture.

Tonight is Oscar Night and I think it will be less than spectacular in the “who wins” department for some categories, but incredibly nail-biting in others.   For example, Best Director, Best Movie, and Best Actress aren’t a lock.  The prior award shows have flip-flopped between The Hurt Locker and Avator for Best Movie, same for Best Director.  Of course my vote goes to Kathryn Bigelow for The Hurt Locker. My gosh, a woman director winning? It’s about darn time. And would be well earned. As for Best Actress, it seems to be between Sandra Bullock and Meryl Streep. Who at one award show, tied and then there was that kiss between them. Hilarious. If you don’t know about it, google it.

The guy from Inglourious Basterds will win Supporting Actor, Monique will win Best Supporting Actress and Jeff Bridges from Crazy Heart will win Best Actor.   Best Adapted and Original Screenplay will be Up in the Air and Inglourious Basterds. Avatar will win all those technical awards. The Cove will win for Documentary Feature though I wish it would be Food, Inc.

There you have it, my pics.  I am always wrong in a few categories as the ones voting can shock you. Those are great moments. So, are the host. Or hosts.  Let me know which categories you agree, or more importantly, disagree with me.  Always fun!


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