Another round

March 8, 2010 at 8:32 am Leave a comment

As another round of chemo comes along this Tuesday, I will not be sad when these side-effects go away:

  • Numb fingertips. This started after my first treatment and has never gone away.  I make more typing mistakes than ever.  I sometimes have trouble with buttons.
  • Runny nose. This has been constant.  Thankfully there are Puffs or I would cut  my nose off!
  • Very dry sort of itchy eyes that I rub constantly.
  • Nausea which is not strong every day but surely won’t miss the ebb and flow of that sour belly feeling that makes me just want to hide under the covers. Which leads me to …
  • The fatigue, which seems ever present and compounds daily, like interest.  I was warned! I have found some ways around this, or maybe I am just managing things more wisely.  But imagine losing anywhere from 9-13 hours of your day!

Thankfully, all of these are finite, including the loss of my hair.  Which brings me to the one thing I have been completely grateful for – not having to shave my legs!  Oh wait, there’s more.  I don’t have to spend time doing my hair in the morning. Or buy shampoo or any other hair products.  Or buy shave gel.  See, there’s always a bright side to everything 🙂


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