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It’s sad.  I no longer feel comfortable to talk about my life, or any topic that I would like, because nowadays, you can lose your job for just about anything. Have a picture on Facebook with you holding a beer? Sorry, we have a more eligible candidate for the job.  Tweet about a lousy policy at your company? I’m sorry, you aren’t management material, ever.  Bitch about your boss?  Sorry, we mailed your stuff, turn around and leave. Do not pass go.

All of these wonderful technological tools that create opportunities to stay connected with friends, gain access to others with your interests, or allow you to write about your life are now being used against us.  It’s a sad world when you cannot feel free to say what you want without fear of reprisal, even if you are not saying a single thing that is incriminating of anyone.

I am waiting to hear how my blogging about my cancer will become a detriment in some way.  It’s coming.  It’s not paranoia, it’s realism. I know I can’t control this so I am letting go of the fear and the thought.  I wonder if being sick right now is having an effect on thoughts. Nope, still me.  Thoughts be gone, and take the fever with you.


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Day 12 60%

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