Turn of events

May 16, 2010 at 6:10 pm 3 comments

I always find it interesting how things happen and try to figure out why. This often fruitless but I give it a try to give myself a bit of calm. I have, in the past, gotten some news and completely panicked, worried, gotten anxious, fearful, or scared to death.

The IRS has decided to audit my teeny tiny little business. This is really not denigrating my company – it really is teeny tiny little.  I have not made enough money since I started in 2007 to sustain myself. I have however taken classes to get certified, done some advertising, given talks, attended shows, and other things to try to move things forward in a more substantial way.  It hasn’t worked in any significant way though (darn it).  ICF and Choice Magazine have shared that most coaches make an average of $30,000/year, if that much.  It is not a highly profitable business for the majority of coaches and I am no exception.

Back to the IRS.  I received the letter yesterday and my first thought was “holy crap, I know they are calling it an examination, but I am being audited”.  I immediately thought to myself how scary it would be to meet some guy in a white collared shirt, dark pants who hates his job and wants to make sure I know it. And then I will have to pay a fine to the IRS with money I don’t really have.  I know, this completely ridiculous. The IRS guy (and yes, it is a guy) may very well love his job. I may not even have to pay a fine.  I went about my business for a bit then about an hour later, read all the paperwork again with a calmer mind.  And it occurred to me that if I did something wrong, I would learn what it was and make amends.  Hopefully I did everything right and they just want to clarify things. Either way, I feel like trying to understand this was a help to me. Even though realistically, the IRS mystifies me and the government in general.  Why are they coming after me?  If I told you what I made from coaching last year, you would laugh.  But hey mr. government, don’t look into big business but in fact, give them a bailout which allows them to give huge bonuses to their employees.   Sheesh, bonus, what is that? I haven’t seen one of those in years. Maybe this year. But the bonus won’t be coming from my company.  I have always had to maintain a fulltime job while running my company, which now I wonder, is there even a point anymore to having it?


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Universal Truths? Next steps

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