August 21, 2010 at 9:26 am 3 comments

I haven’t spoken much about this lately. Mainly because there isn’t a lot to say, from my perspective.  I am living each day the best I can.  I still seem to get tired most in the late afternoons, early evenings. The nausea is nothing like before and glad for that!  I still have that chemobrain thing where things take a bit of time to form before I can speak logically (and less jumbly) but this can easily be mistaken for exuberance or dorkiness too!! But really just living in the moment and taking it as it comes. I have more tests in September and that will provide more information of how things are going.

Other than  that, I continue my quest of doing new things or going to new places as much as possible and getting to know some friends more deeply than I had before. This has provided so many bright spots. It may sound trivial to some, but as a single, sometimes it does not come as easily to just go out to this festival or that concert.  Sometimes others cannot make it or join you and you really want to go.  Do I then go alone? Sometimes. I have also become more of a joiner as well as more spontaneous.

Some personal moments lately have really highlighted for me the love I have for Omaha. It is my home and I am wonderfully at peace here. I have not had a place, in my adult life, that has felt this way to me. So I continue to embrace this with less trepidation and more gusto.

So the cancer is a part of me that guides me.  Sometimes I nap for 3 hours or sleep for 13. Sometimes I spend the entire day with friends in Lincoln, or go to the Outdoor Market, or Jazz on the Green, or join a new book club. Or like today, go to a wine tasting (of sweet wines, my fave!!) and then to the Greek Fest with a gaggle of friends.  Life is made up of moments and I am enjoying all of them.


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