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August 29, 2010 at 11:23 am 1 comment

Within the past month, I have gone to see a few movies and wanted to share my thoughts.  I will go in order of: go see in theater to wait til cable.

Go see in theater!!

The Kids Are All Right – this was an excellent movie.  The interactions between two married women (so irrelevant – I have had similar issues when I was married) are both stark, laughable and thought-provoking. It is a truly real look at marriage, in all its complexity.  You can clearly see their individuality but also how they interact with each other. Sometimes the incongruity is shocking.  The basic premise is that each mom gave birth to a child using the same sperm.  The half-siblings (remember, different moms, same dad so to speak) decide to meet the sperm donor, who is then invited into the family for a bit.  I will not share some of other things that occur because I think that it would ruin the experience. Rest assured, it is not plucky, not a typical or predictable movie. Or at least not for me.

Wait for Netflix, or cable

Eat, Pray, Love – sorry, thought this movie was disappointing as heck based on the previews. Bland, boring even at times. The things they added to the story to manipulate things actually made things worse, when usually it helps with stories like this.  The main character comes across as whiny, selfish, mad, moody, and unevolved by the end. I did not compare this to the book because I hadn’t read the book in about 3 years. For stories like this, I don’t tend to remember little details. I remember I liked the Italy part because I enjoyed hearing about the history. I liked the India part because I am half Indian and been interested in meditation at the time (and still). I hated the Bali part because of the house storyline (it annoyed me) and the love story (how friggin predictable). In one year’s time, she goes from a person broken and running away to the opposite side of the earth, only to fall in love and tie it all up like a bow.  VOMIT. And I don’t care that this is a true story – or her version of the truth. Because I still don’t buy it.  I didn’t when I read the book and I didn’t when I saw the movie. The best review I read of this movie and absolutely agreed with was “sit, stare, yawn” — holy crap, YES, that is exactly what this movie was. And Julie Roberts was not the right person for this movie. She was chosen to sell tickets.

Just wait for cable

Switch – I love Jason Bateman and therefore the main reason why I wanted to see the movie.  The previews reeled me in with him.  Jennifer Aniston – I think she’s a one-trick pony .. similar roles, similar movies.  Jason Bateman did not disappoint. I could have watched the entire movie with just him or just him and that kid. Yes, he was that good, that funny.  But overall, the movie was predictable as heck, archetypes and all, and basically contrived.  I knew this going in though – so shame on me!!

I am someone who goes to movies with a general perspective of ‘entertain me’. I can fully suspend disbelief, I have no thoughts of what’s next, and just sink in to the chair and enjoy.  When a movie becomes too predictable and I start thinking that is just like that other movie “….” and not nearly as good, then I made a bad choice. And no, I don’t often to listen to the reviews. I go see what I think will be fun.  The Eat, Pray, Love review came back to me after the movie when we were all talking about the movie and I mentioned it to everyone.

By the way, some tips to seeing a movie – general wisdom (or if you go with me):

1) Quit worrying about calories and other BS.  If you want popcorn, just friggin get it. And no, I don’t want to share.  I want my own.

2) I quite hate it when others turn to me in a whisper and tell me “this is going to happen next, just watch” or talk about other such drivel during the movie. No, you friggin watch! Turn your face to the screen and watch.  Quit talking.  The movie theater is not the place talk – the point is to be entertained and enthralled.  You want talk – go to a coffee shop or a party.

3) I repeat, do not talk during a movie. Ever.

4) Don’t friggin bump the back of the chair in front of you if a person is there. You know you hate it when it happens to you, so why do you feel the need to do it yourself? What makes you so dang special?

5) People go to the movies alone. It does not mean they are a loser.  People escape from work, their spouse, the heat, their kids.  Maybe no one else wanted to see the movie with them. Maybe they got stood up.  Maybe they are cooling off from a fight. You have no idea why the heck someone is in a theater alone so quit judging.

6) If someone is crying during the movie, because they are affected by something on the screen, quit staring!! Mind your own dang business! And don’t, and I repeat don’t, do that pat, pat, pat on the shoulder/leg/hand thing .. oh there, there your pat indicates.  Bite me!  I am enjoying the movie, I have an emotional connection to something, and you have to friggin ruin it because you think my world just crumbled???   Kind of goes back to point 2 – turn and face the movie screen. Watch. Remain this way.

7) If the person with you wants to watch the credits, let them watch the credits. If you are so dang anxious to get out, then go and plan on meeting in the lobby.

8)  If the movie says it starts at 8:45, then that means you are in your seat no later than 8:40.  I love the previews and hate to miss them. If you aren’t a fan, then come join me at 9:00 when they are most likely over.  I’ll save you a seat.

9) I love seeing movies. I like all kinds – comedy, drama, horror, documentary, independent.  Movies I have less desire to see – action/shoot’em up crap.  I feel like I am watching the same movie with different people.  I also know that others think the same of comedies, or Will Ferrell movies, etc.  Everyone has their preferences.  Honor that. If you realize that your friend Samantha only likes sci-fi and you like them on occasion, you aren’t really going to be movie buddies.   Don’t give in just so you can see a movie together unless you know the person will do the same for you.

10) Ultimately, it’s entertainment.  Sometimes it’s educational (did you ever see the documentary Murderball, Food Inc., Man on Wire, March of the Penguins?).  But ultimately, it can be an experience.  A memory of a first date for example.  Just enjoy!


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