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Best. holiday. ever.

I don’t know who took this picture. I don’t know where this was taken. All I know is, when my mom sent it to me, I fell in love.  This picture embodies all that I love about Halloween.  Just amazingly beautiful!

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Greetings from Omaha

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A sad day in politics

I was watching a livestream yesterday of the The Women’s Conference hosted by Maria Shriver.  There were many amazing speakers and it was well worth listening/watching from my office at home. The one time this was true was when Matt Lauer was the moderator between Meg Whitman, Jerry Brown with Arnold also there.

First, I thought that California had their own state mandate that a Governor could only serve two terms for the state in their lifetime. But I guess I was wrong on this since Jerry Brown is running again.

Second, I cannot believe the politicking that occurred at this conference and the absolute degradation that was displayed. Most notably, Matt Lauer asked Whitman and Brown if they would remove all negative advertising from the airwaves within 48 hours.  NEITHER would agree.  Brown essentially said I will if she does.  This was annoying. He must have said it at least 3 times when asked my Lauer.  Whitman actually was booed, extensively by the audience, when she would not agree and indicated it was important that information be shared with the voting public.

If a candidate cannot stand on his or her own MERITS as to why that person wants the office, what their intent is for leadership, their vision and their strategy, then they need to STFU.  And yes, I really mean that. STFU, get off the stage, and find another career path.  Politicians have for, far too long, been promoting their own interests and agendas. Enough is truly enough.  We, us are the people who matter. Not you. We elect you to represent us.  So represent.

And yes, right now, I am sick to friggin death of politicians. I really am.  This display was truly the worst of who we are as a nation. I cannot believe that we can’t stop acting like we are on an elementary school playground.  Do they need to be reminded of kindergarten rules —

Play nice with others.


If you can’t say anything nice, don’t say anything at all.

Respect others.


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Nobody likes conflict

I don’t know about you, but I am sick of the election ads on tv, on the radio, in the newspaper.  Do these really work? Do voters really vote based on a 30-second commercial?   I can’t stand it. All the mud-slinging. All the nastiness. Why is that necessary?  Why can’t the women man up and just shut up?  I wish they would all just shut up.  Talk about yourself and what you stand for.  When I hear all this back and forth, my stomach clenches up. My shoulders get hunchy.  I wonder if it just me.  Does the conflict just annoy me? I can mute the commercials. Go to another radio station.  Am I being a good citizen by burying my head in the sand? What if I am not planning on voting – does that make a difference?

How do you manage election time of year?


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Grow already!!

It’s funny.  During your first chemo treatment, they tell you all about losing your hair.  Within two weeks, it will be gone. To take control and shave it off yourself.  Or whatever it is you want to do to take control since there are so few things that one can do during all of this but go with the flow of the side effects, the doctor appointments, and everything else.  After a few weeks, you can almost forget what it was like to have hair. I forgot what I looked like and would look at my driver’s license every now and again. It almost seemed weird to have hair.

But no one ever talks about when your hair starts to grow back.  It’s an awkward process.  I never wore wigs, only hats. But many tell me wigs help when your hair is growing out so you don’t have to deal with wayward curls, or hair that stands on end. This process sucks!  Of course, there comes a time when the wigs don’t help either because your hair has grown too much for that.  Oy. I know, what a stupid thing to care about too.

I gotta tell you though, I wish it would just grow out already!

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Apple. Apple. Apple. Want. Want. Want.

I don’t know how Apple does it. Or more specifically Steve Jobs. I don’t know how he reinvents the market in such unique ways. I don’t know how that company is so innovative and creative.  From the commercials, which by the way, they need to make some more of.  I love Mac!  Shoot, I loved him when he was on the tv show Ed.  To the iPad. Sure, everyone made fun of the name but who’s laughing now?  There have been how many sold since the launch – 4 million, 5 million?  Yeah, that’s a lot and they’ve only been on the market since early April.

I have 2 iPods but other than that, I am not really an Apple girl.  However, one step into an Apple store and you want to surrender. You want it ALL.  I tried the netbook thing last year with ACER.  Nice concept, good design, but still not quite there for me. So then, wala, the iPad.  I have played with an iPad twice now in two days.  It is too heavy and they need to work on that but it’s better than a netbook in so many ways. But still, not quite there yet for me. No matter. There will be more generations of iPad’s with each one getting more amazing than the next.  Until then, I will suffer along with my Toshiba laptop and my Kindle. I love my Kindle and until Apple can rival that in weight, etc. then no can do.

But as I walked around in there, looking for a keyboard, I wanted it all. I have no idea how it happens, but I wanted a laptop. Then a desktop. Then an iPad. Then the iPhone (darn it, move on that will ya Apple. I’m on Verizon, have been for almost a decade and I’m not straying to AT&T).   It was very hard to not want it all and I don’t even have a need for any of it.  I have no idea how that magic hold comes over a person when they walk in. It’s like a giant playground and you want to take all the toys home with you.  I am thankful that I don’t carry a credit card with me or I have no idea what would happen.  I got my keyboard and got the heck out. I didn’t play or touch or dawdle.  Want, want, want = get out, get out, get out!!

I should clarify that my first experience with a computer was some IBM monstrosity using WordPerfect, DOS, and those iPad sized floppy disks. I hated computers back then. To me, it was just a huge piece of junk that made things harder and more time-consuming. Then off to college I go and most of the offices at IU used the original Macintosh computers.  One of my jobs (of the 2 I had during college), I had to go into administrative offices, make sure things were turned off, nothing was unlocked, etc.  Sometimes, I would use these computers to write letters (email wasn’t existent quite yet – I know, crazy right?) or do homework.  I loved that job.  It was then that I loved computers. I loved that Macintosh. I wanted one so bad.  Then about a year later, email started on campus and then I really wanted one.  So, in some ways, I am an Apple girl.

I think I should stay away from the Apple store for a while.  I am feeling twitchy right now. Darn nostalgia.

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