Grow already!!

October 22, 2010 at 1:04 pm 1 comment

It’s funny.  During your first chemo treatment, they tell you all about losing your hair.  Within two weeks, it will be gone. To take control and shave it off yourself.  Or whatever it is you want to do to take control since there are so few things that one can do during all of this but go with the flow of the side effects, the doctor appointments, and everything else.  After a few weeks, you can almost forget what it was like to have hair. I forgot what I looked like and would look at my driver’s license every now and again. It almost seemed weird to have hair.

But no one ever talks about when your hair starts to grow back.  It’s an awkward process.  I never wore wigs, only hats. But many tell me wigs help when your hair is growing out so you don’t have to deal with wayward curls, or hair that stands on end. This process sucks!  Of course, there comes a time when the wigs don’t help either because your hair has grown too much for that.  Oy. I know, what a stupid thing to care about too.

I gotta tell you though, I wish it would just grow out already!


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