A sad day in politics

October 27, 2010 at 1:37 pm 1 comment

I was watching a livestream yesterday of the The Women’s Conference hosted by Maria Shriver.  There were many amazing speakers and it was well worth listening/watching from my office at home. The one time this was true was when Matt Lauer was the moderator between Meg Whitman, Jerry Brown with Arnold also there.

First, I thought that California had their own state mandate that a Governor could only serve two terms for the state in their lifetime. But I guess I was wrong on this since Jerry Brown is running again.

Second, I cannot believe the politicking that occurred at this conference and the absolute degradation that was displayed. Most notably, Matt Lauer asked Whitman and Brown if they would remove all negative advertising from the airwaves within 48 hours.  NEITHER would agree.  Brown essentially said I will if she does.  This was annoying. He must have said it at least 3 times when asked my Lauer.  Whitman actually was booed, extensively by the audience, when she would not agree and indicated it was important that information be shared with the voting public.

If a candidate cannot stand on his or her own MERITS as to why that person wants the office, what their intent is for leadership, their vision and their strategy, then they need to STFU.  And yes, I really mean that. STFU, get off the stage, and find another career path.  Politicians have for, far too long, been promoting their own interests and agendas. Enough is truly enough.  We, us are the people who matter. Not you. We elect you to represent us.  So represent.

And yes, right now, I am sick to friggin death of politicians. I really am.  This display was truly the worst of who we are as a nation. I cannot believe that we can’t stop acting like we are on an elementary school playground.  Do they need to be reminded of kindergarten rules —

Play nice with others.


If you can’t say anything nice, don’t say anything at all.

Respect others.



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Nobody likes conflict Greetings from Omaha

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