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Gizzard Breath

I’m from the Midwest, or so I have always believed having been born in Michigan and lived a great deal of time in Indiana.  But being in Nebraska, or ‘one of the square’ states as a friend tells me, I had the distinct pleasure of trying out gizzards a week ago.  Who likes these things? Why?  Oy!  The best descriptor for eating gizzards is it’s like chewing on old rubberbands.  For those of you who think I have no discerning palate whatsoever, remember this, I did at least try some before I said anything!  I’ll say this though, I would rather have another gizzard than octopus at the local sushi place.  Love sushi, but some things still make my stomach do a double take. What’s the oddest thing you have tried lately?

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What a great weekend for football.  Of course, if the Skins and Steelers had been a part, would’ve been even better. Oh well.  I truly was only looking for 3 things to happen.

1) The Pats to win, so it can further put a sock into the mouths of those who don’t quite believe how great this team is unless they win the Super Bowl and couldn’t possibly be as great at the Dolphins were many moons ago.  Plus, I like Randy Moss and was lucky enough to see him play in his last season at Marshall and have been hooked ever since. I especially want to put a muzzle on Cris Collinsworth and then lock him in a closet until the season is over but I doubt I will have such luck. Who likes this guy??

2) The Colts to win. Because they are the defending the champs. Because they are a scrappy team. Because I love Tony Dungy.  Have you read his book yet? What are you waiting for – it’s awesome.  I admit that I am a Philip Rivers fan, having lived in Raleigh during his reign at North Carolina State, but I was still pulling for the Colts.

3) The Giants to stomp all over the Cowboys.  I friggin hate the Cowboys.  I really don’t like either of these two teams, but for me, I like anyone better than the Cowboys.

I did pretty well except for the Colts. That darn game gave me agita with all the lead changes. I really thought they had it in them to win, but no matter. I truly think the Pats will beat whoever they play, so Colts or Chargers, probably makes no difference.  I love this time of year though.  NFL is in high gear as is college basketball.  I was well taken care of today as my Hoosiers played right after the Colts. What a fantastic game. Hope you watched it.  Let’s go Hoosiers!  They are doing quite well coming out of the gate. Let’s hope they can ride the momentum to March Madness.

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My Redskins didn’t have the same magic today as they have the past few games.  I think Sean Taylor was still with them, as was evidenced by the score, but I think that all the emotion and playoff strain may have taken its toll.  It was a great game nonetheless and really thought they were going to take it when they turned things around in the second half.  My hats off to this fine team!

I will now more fully support my #2 team, the Steelers.  That love started my sophomore year in high school while living there and going to some games.  What a great city for sports!  I got hooked on the Steelers, Penguins, and the Pirates that year and have never stopped being a fan. Let’s go Steelers!

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Lost faith

Is it any wonder that so many have lost faith in the very institutions that are supposed to help us?  I was the losing end of a scam last month and after reporting this to the police, small claims court, Western Union, my bank, FBI, and numerous others per feedback I had received, I have been told that I need to accept that I learned one heckuva expensive lesson. Wait, what, huh?  The Omaha police will not investigate, will not work with Western Union or my bank, nothing.  I have been told that it’s just too big of a ring to break and even the FBI are useless to help me, so I should just pay better attention in the future and learn to be less trusting.   Wow, great advice I guess.  Why do we have a police department with taxpayer monies when they won’t do anything to help someone recover $2000?  My trust for this particular organization has certainly taken a big dive, which I guess was the police officer’s intent when giving me the advice.  I have to say, I feel like I have been victimized twice – once by the lovely scam artist who aimed to ruin my Christmas and then by the police officer who told me that I was screwed and to give up any hope because they were not going to do anything to help me.

What an interesting way to start the new year.  Others had shared their horror stories relative to the Omaha police.  A coworker had his car broken into and the police took over a month to get back to him to take the report.  I guess my only having to wait 3 weeks should be deemed a success.  That wasn’t the only story that had been shared with me of citizens who were ripped off, cars or home broken into, or other misfortunes with the Omaha police did little to nothing.  At first I thought all the violence that existed in Omaha was just gang-related but now I see that with a police department like this, it’s no wonder the city has shootings almost every single day.

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auld lang syne

I have no idea what this means but hey, it’s part of the tradition of New Year’s.  Here’s to a happy, healthy, and wonderful 2008 to all!   To my closest friends:  my wish for you is continued success, peace, and love.  Much love to all, Anissa

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