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Nothing like a memo to make you feel special

Wow, have you seen this memo?  I would guess that this organization is not one on the Top 100 Best Places to work. Ye gads, everyone there must live in their own little cocoon.   It’s times like these that I think about these humorous emails that get sent around where they suggest playing tricks in the office.  One that I remember is to: stay behind as everyone else, including the boss, leaves. Thank them for coming. Or, next time you are in an elevator, loudly proclaim “stop touching me.” A friend and I were talking last night and she suggested walking into the elevator and facing everyone.  Any favorites of yours?

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I stumbled upon this blog some time ago and have become completely entranced by some of the manifestos others have written.  Very impactful and powerful stuff.  Some I have read repeatedly and still can’t get past their brilliance.  Oh, don’t get me wrong.  Some infuriate me and I disagree with most of what is said.  But I like that.  To me that is the greatest kind of writing – when you can make someone think, challenge themselves in their own beliefs and then come out fighting.  We all could use a little mental shake-up now and again.

I bring this up because of one of my favorite books, The World is Flat, is going global.  This site is giving away the audio book and I think that is just amazing.  I personally am not a fan of audio books as my mind drifts; the visual side of me must read the written word to truly engage and ingest.  Regardless, there are many in the world who prefer this medium and for them, the publishers are offering the audio book free.  But don’t wait – offer ends August 4th – and I wouldn’t want you not to have heard (read) this fantastic, thought provoking wonder.

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On the eighth day of the eighth month in the eighth year

I don’t know about you, but I am definitely Olympics fever.  I think it has to do with the Olympic Swim Trials having been in Omaha.  I love the Olympics and can’t wait to watch all the swimming, diving, gymnastics, track and field and, well I could just go on and on.  I thought this ESPN article about Michael Phelps was awesome; only whetted my appetite some more!  Only 10 more days …

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Pink’s Conceptual Mind

I wholeheartedly recommend the book A Whole New Mind: Moving from the Information Age to the Conceptual Age by Daniel Pink. It is an amazing book that makes you think, consider, argue, reflect, and discover more about yourself and the world.  He brings in a variety of research, experts, stories, and practical application, shares his own experiences, and the experiences anyone could gain.  I have read this twice already and must have marked over fifty pages for further research, investigation or review.  Mind you, I dog-ear lots of books, but not usually to this degree.  It will be my next business book club pick – care to join and talk about it?

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3 lines of WOW!

I love this quote!  It completely describes me and the simplicity of it just astounds me.  There are some auditory learners out there that may be disagree with the message. But as a visual learner, for me to see something is to learn.  Understanding comes from doing what I have seen.  I have no idea where I found this but the proverb just makes me think. And to me, if anything can make you do that, it’s worth keeping!

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Pointing fingers

I was at the doctor’s office this afternoon and could easily overhear two persons blaming each other for something that happened.  It seemed that everyone in the waiting room heard this conversation as we all snuck peeks at each other.  What I found interesting was the level of blame going back and forth.  It was apparent that one was truly in the wrong but was staunch in his defense and excuses, all the while coming up with flimsy attacks back at the other.  The entire time, I kept thinking about something we have all surely heard a million times before; every time you point the finger at me, there are three more pointing back at you.  I wonder how many others in the waiting room were thinking the same thing??

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My best to Randy’s family

Sadly, Randy Pausch’s fight with pancreatic cancer has come to an end.  Watching his lecture (many times in fact) has been a great inspiration to me.  His book even more so.  The way in which he and his wife Jai approached this disease amazed me and raised my spirits about my own medical issues.   He didn’t think he was unique, which made him more so.  He thought himself a Tigger and didn’t know how not to have fun; he was my kinda guy.  I can only hope he touches as many in heaven as he did on Earth.

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The price of Google

As I walked through the aisles of a local bookstore recently, the headline just screamed out at me “Is Google making us stupid?”  Quite a headliner on a magazine.  I was going to stop and read the article, but then I got distracted by another magazine title and drifted away.  As I drove home, the headline gnawed at me and I still want to read the article.  My sincere hope is that the article’s slant isn’t against Google, because I find that the more I look up things on google, the more I learn. I don’t think it’s making me more stupid at all but instead a better researcher and a more knowledgeable person.

It has gotten to the point where I will hear something and think to myself, I have to google that so I can learn more.  This has put me on the path to learning more about meditation, Ayurveda, self publishing, religious science, ToDo institute, EFT, morita therapy, speakers associations, mentoring groups, and happiness clubs.  And that’s just the things I can think of off the top of my head.  I spend a great percentage of my time googling something and then taking the many paths to learn more.  I know I use it as a research and learning tool, more so than for general information or as a pseudo yellow pages.  I am grateful to  Sergey and Larry for creating this wonderful little engine that could!

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20 year love affair

I have had a love affair for the past 20 years.  It started off with a wide-eyed and innocent Anissa and has evolved into a craving I sometimes cannot nourish.  It’s hard to believe it started around this time 20 years ago, but that is when I became entranced with Target.  Yup, that’s right, Target.  It is one of my favorite places to shop, not just for household items but food too.  SuperTarget is a great addition to my addiction, as is the in-store Starbucks (which feeds my aforementioned chai addiction – see previous post).

I know, you are thinking, what. a. dork.  You are dead on target too. I am a dork and nonetheless, proud of it.  Women have a myriad of ways to make themselves feel better.  It could be a mani/pedi, a night out with the girls, an afternoon movie, reading a book by a fire, a bubble bath.  I didn’t say those were the ways I necessarily make myself feel better, as there are times retail therapy is the only cure for what ails me.  Let’s get real here, I am a woman. I like to shop.  My favorite things to shop for are unnecessary items from Target to make my home even more homey, and books. And let’s face it, Target has a great selection of books too!  I used to be a complete shoe hound, right up there with Imelda, but that has passed somewhat.  And I still love a great purse.  Again, Target can often hit me up just fine in those areas too.

Think about me tomorrow as I meet up for a rendezvous to celebrate our 20 years together.  Luckily, I live within a mile of a SuperTarget.  It’s always good to be close to something you love!

Lest you think I am not aware of our economic woes, I have compared prices of 4 different grocery chains in Omaha to Target on such staples as milk, bread, eggs, and cereal. In every instance, Target was the least expensive by an average of seven cents.

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I want my chai!!

So, the news that Starbucks is closing 600 stores is not news anymore. There are even folks out there creating “saving our starbucks” campaigns to save their local coffee house.  I think this makes sense for some of the stores, but not all.

There is a Starbucks that is about 2 miles from me and is closing. I will be brutal here, it won’t be a loss.  Their service was always sub-standard and for all the times I went in there and saw the same faces, they never remembered what I ordered.  Once I was seven cents short on cash and the lady actually looked at me like she wouldn’t give me my drink because of it.  I had to go to my car and rummage for a quarter – and then she didn’t give me back my change!  So, if that is the image Starbucks is going for, then keep on it! It’s working well for you.  After repeated incidents like that, I actually drive out of my way to frequent other Starbucks. Yes, they are still getting my bucks, so who’s hurting who here??

As not good as those experiences at that ONE store have been, the other Starbucks in Omaha are incredibly good.  There are others with a drive thru that are amazingly fast and friendly, and others that are walk in only and despite my infrequency, do seem to know that my drink is a Venti Chai Latte. It is the only drink I have ever gotten and will ever get.

Yes, I am a chai fanatic.  It is the closest thing I have found to the Indian tea my dad used to make at home when I was kid. Of course, it’s not nearly the same, or nearly as good, but it’s a nice substitute.  I have tried every other coffee house across the States (literally) and not one chai elsewhere comes close.  What’s worse, there are some coffee chains in Omaha that use powder to create their chai. Just horrible.  I don’t do coffee – never have. I am that odd geek that thinks it’s too bitter and nasty.  Then again, when you see how much milk and sugar I put in my tea, you’d understand!!

I know what you are thinking, with prices rising the way they are, shouldn’t I be cutting back? Well, I have and do.  When I want to treat myself to something, I go the way of Starbucks instead of the mall, a furniture store (I am dying to decorate), or a bookstore (where I could easily spend $100 before I even blinked).  Then I go to a nearby park and enjoy.  I would rather spend $3 than the hundreds I could spend via retail therapy.  Similar to MTV, I want my chai!!

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